The Tradition of Olympic Violence

Recently there have been two bombings in the Russian city of Volgograd, which is significant because it is a transportation hub near Sochi, the Olympic host city in 2014. Because some people are shocked and appalled it’s easy to forget how routine incidents like this around the Olympics really are.

I wasn’t alive for this (because I’m young and have the physique of a UFC fighter), but at the 1972 Olympics in Munich 11 Israeli athletes were kidnapped, taken hostage, and eventually executed. And in our own backyard, of Atlanta, in 1996 (barely alive) a domestic terrorist set off a bomb in a hub of Olympic activity.

The point is (I’m not saying you should feel bad for not taking care of yourselves,  I just look good and want that to be known.) these incidents have happened and are going to continue to happen. And it’s no secret why these terrorists choose to attack the Olympics, it’s symbolic. The world is gathering to celebrate unity, so the evils want to attack unity. Why bomb the Boston Marathon? It’s just a bunch of people with great physiques (such as myself) achieving a goal that they set out to accomplish. But we were coming together. Weirdly, if we celebrated our peace less, there would be less hate. But we’re not about to stop celebrating peace. Fuck the haters.

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