Bridge on the River Deny

I’m all fired up about this New Jersey thing. Unlike most people, assuming that Christie really knew nothing about it, I’m willing to largely give him a pass on this. It seems like the type of person who is trying to villianize him for this was just lying in wait to villianize him over something (typical Democrat-Republican B.S.).

But regardless of Christie’s level of complicity, there were people who we know planned and executed what is going on. While those people have been fired, what they’ve done here is criminal. If I were to just park my car in the middle of the freeway and refuse to move, I would be arrested. I don’t see why the rules should be any different for them by doing this systematically, which is far worse. Me parking my car would create a bad day of traffic, but they ruined people’s lives selfishly for a couple of weeks.

Don’t go thinking that I’m suggesting these people go to prison. Oh no! I’m all for creative punishments. I think anyone involved should have to sit in gridlocked traffic for a whole year. That’s far more frustrating than any dry anal raping or frozen spoon shoved up the vagina. And it’s still to good a punishment for someone who raped the citizens just because they can.

I want only positive feedback.

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