Don’t Stop Beliebing, Hold Onto That Feeling


It’s not logical. Millions of Justin Bieber fans have come out in support of the pop star after his arrest for drunk driving, resisting arrest, and driving without a valid driver’s license. Why come out in blind support of him after he did something so horrible? I know most of his fans are young and stupid, and I’m not claiming that I’m much better, but at least I have the ability to compartmentalize.

For instance, I’m a huge Chargers fan. So if it came out that Philip Rivers mercilessly beats his wife, I’d look the other way because he’s putting up some good numbers on my team. I wouldn’t go to the game holding a sign saying that I still support Philip Rivers, that would be insensitive. I would just look the other way because he’s “my merciless wife beater”.

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who think they are above this just because they don’t follow pop culture, sports, or anything trivial that closely. But how many Democrats supported Bill Clinton through his numerous affairs just because he was on their team? Just to even out the party criticism, what about people who still blindly support Chris Christie through this bridge scandal?

So while part of me thinks these Bieber fans are just idiots (They are. They really are. It’s like wow. Bieber sounds like a real piece of shit. He’s only 19, and he’s driving drunk, high on marijuana, pain killers, without a license, and disrespected the cops. It’s like who does this? And who supports this?), being fanatical is just human nature. Anyone who thinks they’re above it is just fanatical about something they view as more “proper”, but I’m willing to admit that I’m fanatical and a hypocrite about things. I’m just not willing to be a hypocrite and admit I’m not fanatical.


  1. Great read…I think a lot of people are in need of celebrities just for the sake of idolizing someone or something. Feel free to read me thoughts on the matter:

  2. Not bad but Xanax is a sleep/anti anxiety medication not exactly a pain killer

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