Christopher Columbus Superfraud

The desire to explore is in us all. Whether it’s hiking further down a trail, trying a new restaurant, or strange pussy we all have a desire to explore new things (strange pussy excluded for heterosexual women).

But how strong is this desire in reality?

It has been romanticized for sure, and I do it too. But how committed am I or anyone for that matter to exploration? I would say that 99+% of the time when I have the choice to try something new or something stale that I’ve done several times before, I choose the latter (whether that be the same stopping point on the trail, the same restaurant, or familiar pussy).

Our history books have written the story that the men who discovered the New World had the desire in them. They just had a drive to explore. But in reality Columbus and all the others did it for the booty (I’m sure they got plenty of strange pussy, but I’m referring to the monetary gain.). And they probably filled their ships with men who would have literally starved to death had they not taken the job.

Even in modern times, we have the option to explore space. But for a ten year period when us and the Russians had a friendly little rivalry, virtually no progress has been made. Don’t we want to explore space? Mars is right there. If we really wanted to, we could embark on a mission there.  It would be expensive and solely for the sake of exploration, which is why we don’t do it. If there was money in space exploration, I’m sure we’d be on that.

I’m not saying we don’t have the desire to explore in us all. We just vastly, vastly overrate it.

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