What We Don’t Know Can Hurt Us

What happened to Flight 370?

Logically, it’s at the bottom of the ocean whether we ever end up finding it or not. (I haven’t been following the story closely, which will be evident when I make factual inaccuracies or ask questions with obvious answers.) But there is any number of theories as to how this happened or where the plane may be.

There’s a lot of interest in this story and oddly, it’s mostly American. Chinese, Australian, and Malaysian news outlets are showing Flight 370 coverage far less than American news outlets. So why is there so much American interest? We have no dog in the fight. This isn’t our tragedy to explain.

But in our own American way, we’ve been brainwashed. We’ve been led to believe that we can achieve or in this case explain anything if we really want to. It’s Manifest Destiny, landing on the moon, or most simply the American Dream. It is American arrogance.

How often is the phrase “we can put a man on the Moon, but we can’t (enter cliché here) uttered. But it rings true. We can’t and probably aren’t going to find this plane. It’s the same arrogance that makes it impossible for people to accept what happened to JFK. People question every angle of that case because they can’t accept that some loser killed our president so easily. I mean we landed a man on the Moon only a few years later, but some loser killed JFK.

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