The NFL’s First Gay Experience

Now famous homosexual Michael Sam was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the 7th round of the NFL Draft this Sunday. On camera he kissed his boyfriend, which has people all upset. Some people didn’t like seeing two men kiss on TV and there is no shortage of people calling them bigots.

However, this isn’t solely a homophobic issue. Most people don’t like seeing heterosexuals kiss in front of them. It’s an issue of it being an appropriate venue to kiss or not.

Some people are incredibly moved by Michael Sam’s story. Others think he’s a sinner going to Hell. But most people are like me and have the healthiest attitude of all. They just don’t care.

And isn’t the true sign of progress the fact that most people even in a conservative sports world just don’t care. Most of these people who didn’t like the kiss don’t have a bad attitude towards homosexuality, they just don’t want to see two men kiss. There’s a difference. Those people aren’t the villains. As far as I can tell in Sam’s case there aren’t any villains. There’s just people like me not caring.

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