I Got Burned

There’s something like ten fires going on right now in San Diego. It’s crazy. So the TVs in the break room where I work were all stuck on news coverage, since a new fire was literally breaking out every hour and people wanted to stay updated. I was among those who wanted to stay updated even knowing that the odds I would be affected by the fires were incredibly slim. But to my shock a local news station casually said something like “[There are five fires. No six, a new one has just sprung up just north of the intersection of [blank] and [blank]]”. I live at exactly the intersection of blank and blank and immediately started panicking. I learned a half hour later that the fire they were referring to wasn’t a brush fire, but a single structure fire and was no real risk to spread. And my first thought was “What the fuck!?”

Reporting has become so hell bent on immediacy that they reported vague facts in a way that lead the audience to believe another brush fire broke out when they really had no idea what happened. The only other possibility is that they knew it wasn’t a brush fire and hyped it up to lure viewers to their channel. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say they are clueless rather than evil.

Now, I’m not asking for people to cry for me as many people were far more affected by the fires than me. But I was affected by the fires and never should have been. How does that work? Get the facts straight, assholes. We have the internet for crazy rumors, get it right professionals.


  1. Fires are so devastating. Our house and everything in it burned down to the ground just a few days before Christmas in 2008. All we had left, literally, were the clothes on our backs. But we were alive. Our kids were alive. Our pets were alive.

  2. downvotedyou · · Reply

    The media is damned if they don’t, damned if they do. If it had been a brush fire near your home, and they waited an hour to get a crew there to confirm before reporting it, you’d be criticizing them for not immediately reporting it when they first heard about it. You had a false alarm, rushed home and found your home wasn’t burned down. Somehow this is something to complain about?

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