It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Someone Good at Math!

Comic-Con came and went this past week. While the convention has strayed from it’s origins to include anything pop culture, it still does generate a good amount of comic discussion.

One CNN author used the convention as an opportunity to make his case that there needs to be more diversity among superheroes. He specially, being Asian, mentions the fact that there are virtually no Asian American superheroes. I’m fine with what he’s saying. If he wants an Asian American superhero so that his kids can have a superhero that looks like them, I totally understand that. But if he believes that having a superhero that looks like him will take away an inner feeling of racial inferiority that will never work.

No matter how popular a new Asian superhero gets, it won’t change the fact that superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Spiderman make up the Mount Rushmore of superheroes. They aren’t being replaced and they’ll always be the ones that get the most attention because they were there first. It’s a lot like the actual Mount Rushmore. We can have a black, female, Mexican, Asian, handicapped, or transgender president and they would always be judged by the standards set by the first few there.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t gravitate to the heroes that look like them. It’s just that the past, much like Mount Rushmore, is set in stone.


  1. Diane Carlisle · · Reply

    Don’t sweat it. We have Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, foo!


  2. There is diversity in DC universe, just they receive a lot less emphasis than the big one like Batman, Superman, Flash. So the article is right. But this movement of taking the popular superheroes and rewriting them to appeal to different groups is rather absurd, because it’s more about making statements about diversity than creating a good story which is what comic books are supposed to be about.

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