I Want a President Who Sucks at Golf

President Obama is on vacation. Yes, again. This time he’ll be spending two weeks on scenic Martha’s Vineyard. He’ll be golfing, spending time with his family, dining in style, and probably also getting a lot of work done, but that’s beside the point.

The point is that the following has occurred within the past week: we’re bombing Iraq and allegedly dealing weapons to the Kurds, Israel is exchanging missiles with Palestine on a daily basis, we have a yet-to-be resolved immigration crisis, the Ebola virus is now in the U.S., and Hillary Clinton has come out against O’s foreign policy on the record for the first time ever. And while this goes on, the Prez is taking a vacation. Timing is everything.

I’m not naïve. I completely understand that the President’s vacation time is different from yours and mine. Sure he’ll be playing some golf and hitting the beach. But he’ll also receive daily briefings and participate in conference calls, and his vacation could be cut short at a moment’s notice if Vladimir Putin has a rough day on the shirtless firing range. For POTUS the work never stops, it just slows down a bit because he’s cleared some time in his schedule for the closest thing he can get to a vacation.

The issue is public perception, which totally matters regardless of whether or not it should. In a time when many Americans don’t even have a job to take a vacation from, let alone a job that will allow them to take two weeks in one of the Nation’s most affluent resort communities, it just looks like he doesn’t understand his constituents. It’s been said that the worst gaffes confirm stereotypes. If that’s true then this is a pretty bad gaffe. You can’t help but see why many consider O to be out of touch.

I propose the following rule: the President should suck at golf.

The Prez shouldn’t suck at golf because he’s incapable, he should suck because he should spend absolutely no time practicing. He should suck at golf because he’s too busy being the President to ever consider hitting the links. He should suck at golf because he’s so into his job that the idea of recreation time seems laughable.

Of course, I’m still talking about perception. The President is no different from anyone else and needs a break every now and then. But what’s wrong with a nice staycation? I hear Washington is beautiful this time of year. And even if it isn’t, too damn bad. Frankly, most parts of the Country aren’t so beautiful any time of year, and most Americans can’t afford a trip to somewhere that is. There’s nothing wrong with the President taking some time off, he should just keep it on the downlow. If not for his sake, then for ours.

I don’t want to seem like I’m picking on Obama. This applies to all Presidents. I don’t want the President to be publicly involved in any activity that is not directly related to the task of being President. That means no fishing, hunting, horseback riding, or even saxophone soloing. I’d even be okay with having a fat President just so I can rest assured that he’s not spending all of his time in the gym. And no, that was not intended as an endorsement of Chris Christie.


  1. I have great news for you — Obama sucks at golf.

  2. […] the second time in two weeks, the President’s golf is bothering me. Last week, I discussed my misgivings about Big O’s vacationing while the world crumbles around us. I don’t have a problem with the Prez taking some time off, the President is really never not […]

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