Cops Who Kill

There’s been a lot of outrage surrounding the death of 18-year-old Ferguson, Missouri resident Michael Brown. And if the two most circulated witness’ stories are even half-true, people have a right to be outraged. However, I think all the accusations of racism on the part of the shooter are probably overblown (Though I don’t know this yet, because his buddies refuse to identify the shooter.). I don’t think this cop was a racist, I think he was a straight up asshole.

What motivates a person to be a cop? I’m sure a lot, if not most of them, feel like it’s a really noble job. And it is. But some, too large a number, do it just so they have a tablespoon of authority to abuse. I think this cop falls into that grouping. I mean what kind of person in life wants power? Usually it’s the type that wants it to immediately abuse it. One tidbit I picked up somewhere was that he’d been with the force for six years. Six years isn’t a long time in the life of a career. Sounds like he was immediately abusing his power to me.

What’s weird is the cops act like they’re all in it together. In some ways they are (same uniform, same team). But if I were working with this guy I’d want him thrown under the bus. Again, assuming the facts are true, why would you want this guy on your team? Like I said, new information my come out that paints this cop in a different light, but if the accounts out there are even half true throw him to the mob.

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