Some Free Advice for Dan Snyder on the Washington Redskins Team Name

The Washington Redskins name controversy is still spinning out of control, with team owner Daniel Snyder holding firm to his stance that the name will never be changed no matter how much debate it spurs.

It seems that Snyder has painted himself into a corner, that it’s too late for him to compromise even if he wants to. And Snyder might think of it that way, too. So I can understand why he seems so unwilling to entertain discussions on a name change. Rather than piling on the anti-Snyder bandwagon, I’ve decided it’s time for me to do my part to help the bedeviled owner out of this mess.

So, I’ve taken the liberty of drafting the below statement that Snyder can release to the media to announce that he’s decided to change the team name. I think this is what Snyder would have to say to appease his public without looking like a complete pushover. It may not be perfect, but I think this about the best he can do to maintain some dignity at this point. Mr. Snyder, feel free to use this, and you can thank me later.

The Washington Redskins team name has long been regarded with pride as a symbol of deep respect for our Country’s Native American heritage. As the owner of this historic franchise, I have always strived to honor and recognize that heritage. Nevertheless, the past several months have seen an increase in the intensity of the debate regarding the Redskins team name, with some groups suggesting that the name is a pejorative and therefore offensive, and asking that the team name be changed.

I understand that hose groups do not represent the majority of Native Americans or NFL fans. Out of regard for the history of the team and of those great Native Nations to whom the name pays homage, and out of appreciation for the team’s loyal fans, I have thus far resisted the pressure to stop using the Redskins name.

But recent weeks have seen the NFL dealing with issues far more serious than the name of a sports franchise. Domestic violence and child abuse are important topics and should take priority over matters faced by any one franchise. I feel that it is time to allow the debate regarding the Redskins name to fall out of the spotlight so that we may focus on more significant issues as both a League and a Nation.

It is for that reason that I have decided to change the Washington team name to the Washington Warriors. While I understand that many of the Redskins fans in Washington DC and around the Country might at first feel opposed to or betrayed by this decision, I can assure you that the values and competitive nature of the franchise will remain firmly in place no matter what team name we use to represent them. The team colors and logo will remain the same in order to honor the rich history of this team, and pay homage to the great Native culture of America, as they always have.

Thank you to the NFL, the sports media, and football fans everywhere for your support. We look forward to representing this Nation’s Capital for many more years to come. God bless America.

There you go. Easy, right? Who could disagree with that? I’ll leave it up to Dan Snyder to decide which parts of the statement he wants to stop and pretend to get all choked up about. That’s really more of a style choice. God bless America, indeed.

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