Why Nobody is Talking About the Democrats

This blog’s mission statement, if it ever had one, is that we go after everyone indiscriminately.  We do our best to avoid a particular political bent and instead just tell it like it is.  Or, at least, like it appears to be.

But lately I’ve been focused on the Right.  Across the board, the talk of the town has been the Republicans.  All is quiet on the Democratic front.

The Republican primary campaign has just been a lot more interesting.  After all, they’ve got Donald Trump.  And Ben Carson is no slouch, either — he can’t seem to go two days without saying something ridiculous, to the point that his aides have stated that his ridiculous comments are actually an asset to the campaign (you have to wonder if that’s going to be a problem if Carson makes it to the general election).  From an entertainment perspective it’s just impossible to resist the circus that is the Republican primaries.  And we still have more than six months to go — yeah!

The Democrats, for their part, just aren’t giving us much to talk about.

Hillary Clinton is the big fish in the Presidential race, but she’s old news.  All the good Hillary jokes have had the same punchlines since 2008.  Benghazi and the private email server are only relevant because the Republicans are holding on to those talking points for dear life; both feel a bit like setups without punchlines [so far].  And thanks to Kevin McCarthy’s foolish decision to slip up and tell us the truth, the Benghazi investigation has almost become a liability for the Republicans as much as for Clinton.

Bernie Sanders might be the only establishment Democrat who would lose the general election to Trump; not because he’s inept or incapable, but because mainstream American voters will not warm up to a Socialist.  And then there’s Jim Webb, Lincoln Chafee, and Martin O’Malley, each of whom is just hoping to get noticed at tonight’s debate.  Joe Biden could shake things up, but I’m starting to question whether he really has it in him.  If he wants to get into the race now would be the time.  Really, about a week ago would have been the time.

It might just be that Hillary and the rest recognize that they’ve got a long race ahead, and so far the Republicans are doing a lot of the dirty work for the Left.  By letting outsiders like Trump, Carson, and Carly Fiorina rip the party establishment to shreds, they weaken the conservative base and exhaust their resources in advance of the RNC.  The Democrats would be wise to stay quiet for a while longer.

If I’m right about that we can expect a predictably dull Democratic debate tonight.  No one will insult their opponent’s physical appearance, invent gruesome stories about nonexistent abortion videos, describe how they’d like to put their wife on the $10 bill, or claim to have made witty comments while being held at gunpoint in a Popeye’s Chicken in Baltimore.  Jeez, the Republicans are just so much more fun to watch.

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