Benghazi to the Rescue!

This seems like a slow news week so far.

Trump is up in the polls.  What else is new?  It seems like every tenth of a point that Trump gains or loses is cause for calling the election in his favor or counting him out for good in some circles.  Watching the polls so closely is a waste of time this far ahead of the election.

Jim Webb dropped out of the Presidential race.  Who didn’t see that coming?  The biggest headlines Webb has garnered so far have been for dropping out.

Biden might be running for President.  Or he might not.  This headline will look exactly the same until he announces a definitive decision.  And that will probably happen this week.  Unless it doesn’t.

But have no fear, news junkies!  Don’t be fooled by the apparent non-headlines, because this is just the calm before a big news storm.  All the journalists are just taking a well-deserved nap before the real news breaks.  On Thursday, Hillary will testify before the House Beghazi Committee.

This is going to be big!  So stay tuned…

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