Larry Lessig wants to make Saturday Night Live unfunny again

Ok, so he doesn’t actually want to be on SNL.  But virtually-unknown presidential candidate Lawrence Lessig has filed a petition for equal air time with NBC.  Under FCC guidelines if a network gives airtime to one political candidate, it must give equal time to opponents.  Lessig says that Hillary’s recent Saturday Night Live appearance constitutes airtime, and he wants his fair share.

Lessig’s petition is currently under review with NBC.  If the network decides to grant the petition, who knows what kind of lecture Lessig might decide to bore viewers with?

Of course, any political story is incomplete without an obligatory mention of Donald Trump.  Trump is scheduled to host an upcoming episode of SNL.  If Hillary’s brief appearance on the show subjects NBC to FCC rules regarding equal airtime, the network might have to think twice about handing over an entire show to one candidate.  Next thing you know Ben Carson will be demanding an opportunity to host, and I don’t think most viewers could handle that.  People are drowsy enough at 11:30 at night.

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