Hillary’s Been Busted, But It Doesn’t Matter

She smiling at the thought that the Republicans are stupid enough to nominate Trump.

She smiling at the thought that the Republicans are stupid enough to nominate Trump.

There are two things that every reasonable American knows.  The first is that Republicans are using the Benghazi investigation as part of a politically motivated effort to derail Hillary’s presidential campaign.  The second is that Hillary at least strongly suspected — and likely knew — that O’s original narrative regarding the motivation behind the 2012 attack on the American embassy in Benghazi was false.

Despite the fact that everyone knows those two facts are true, most Americans have decided to only pay attention to one or the other.  Conservatives feign confusion and outrage at the suggestion that a Congressional committee lead by Republicans could possibly be politically motivated.  Liberals have simply chosen to ignore any evidence that Hillary knew anything about anything suspicious at any time prior to this very moment.  That’s politics.

Yesterday, we were presented with hard evidence showing that just after the Benghazi attack Hillary privately acknowledged that the attacks were carried out by a terrorist group.  That version of the story, which we now know to be true, runs contrary to the Administration’s initial version of events: the attack was the result of a protest-turned-riot that could not have been anticipated or prevented.  This fully supports what many Republicans have been shouting all along: O & Co. didn’t want the public to know about the terrorist attack until after the 2012 election.

I’m surprised people aren’t talking about this more.  To me it’s the only thing of substance to come out of yesterday’s hearing.  But I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised.  After all, who could focus on facts when there was so much partisan bickering and political grandstanding going on?    That is also politics.

So Hillary has been exposed, but no one really cares.  And the reason is politics.  Hillary is better at politics than her opponents, and that’s why everyone who didn’t already hate her considers her testimony in front of the Benghazi committee a huge win for her campaign.  The Republicans got all fired up and looked like politicians on a partisan witch hunt (which everyone already knew they were).  And Hillary sat there looking dignified and artfully answered questions for eleven hours.  Hillary didn’t give the Republicans what they were fishing for: a sound byte that would be damning.  Instead, she calmly and professionally answered questions and allowed the members of the committee to argue around her.  Even when presented with her own emails that showed that what she knew and what the public was being told were two different things, Hillary graciously ducked and dodged.  She looked like the grownup by letting them be the kids, and that’s why she’s the winner.  Hillary’s been busted, but it doesn’t matter.

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