Witch v. Warlock, in the Courtroom

A perfect Halloween-time tale from The Boston Globe:

But that’s what happened Wednesday in Salem District Court when a 75-year-old witch priestess and psychic asked a judge to stop a man who calls himself the “world’s best-known warlock” from placing vulgar phone calls to her in the middle of the night.

“I can see into my own future. That’s why I’m here today,” said Lori Bruno-Sforza, who runs Magika, a witchcraft store in Salem. “I want to protect myself.”

Wasn’t this basically the plot of Minority Report, sort of?  That was a really cool movie.

Here’s one other thing from the article:

Outside the courthouse, Day said no evidence tying him to the phone calls was presented to the judge and that he plans to appeal Brennan’s order.

“Anyone who knows me, even my haters because I’m rather well-known, will tell you that when I have something to say, I say it to your face,” he said.

That’s sort of an odd thing to say when you didn’t take the stand in your own defense.

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