Have We All Lost Our Minds, Or Is It Just Ben Carson?

Are we all nuts?  I mean, seriously, are we crazy?

For years Dr. Ben has been telling the tale that as a teenager he had an out of control temper and often acted out violently against others.  He claims that he attacked his mother with a hammer, punched a classmate in the face while holding a padlock, and attempted to stab an acquaintance in the stomach.  He also claims that he cleansed himself of his violent urges by reading the Bible.  And now he’s one of the leading candidates for the Republican nomination for President.

Carson’s claim of divine intervention to stop him from being a violent criminal are pretty weird.  What’s even weirder is that a recent CNN report attempted to discredit Carson’s history of violence, noting that several people who knew him as a youth were completely unaware of and surprised by his accounts.  And what’s even weirder than that is Carson’s response to the media scrutiny, which he claims is a biased attempt to discredit him.

This has got to be the first time in history that a politician running for office is blasting the media for reporting that he isn’t  a violent criminal.  Also, is there anything a Republican candidate won’t get a pass for invoking God?  What if Carson had actually stabbed and killed someone, as he claims to have tried to do?  Basically, Carson is asking us to elect an attempted murderer to be the next President.  Oh, but don’t worry, he’s not homicidal anymore because he read the Bible.

This isn’t the only weird stuff Carson has said.  Contrary to literally everything historians and archaeologists know about the Egyptian Pyramids, Carson believes they may have been constructed by Joseph (the Joseph of the Bible, naturally) as a place to store grain.  And let’s not forget one of the Doc’s greatest hits — his cancer was cured by taking a supplement (one he was paid to endorse, naturally), but (it get’s better) he still had surgery to remove the cancer because (wait for it…) he thought it would set a good example for others.

I’m just going to say it — Carson is nuts.  He’s intelligent, he’s accomplished, he’s a skilled surgeon, and he’s probably a nice guy.  But he’s totally nuts.  If you had a friend who made any one of Carson’s statements, you’d say they were nuts and most people would agree with you.   It’s a bit controversial to dismiss a presidential candidate as nuts, but that’s only because it’s rare that a serious candidate says so many nutty things.  And if we don’t call it what it is, we’re just as nutty.

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