Is Hillary Clinton Scandal-Proof?

I have a theory on scandal-ridden politicians:

If you’ve weathered enough political scandals the American public eventually becomes numb and stops caring about what you’ve been accused of; everyone gets comfortable with the idea that you’re just the sort of person who will always be embroiled in this or that malfeasance; effectively, you become scandal-proof.

Hillary is a fine example of my theory in practice.  Hillary Clinton has been through enough scandals to make Ted Kennedy blush.  This is why Benghazi doesn’t matter (except to the people who would never vote for her anyway).

Here’s some reading to illustrate the application of my theory to Secretary Clinton.  Some of these are older but they’re not outdated because Clinton scandals seem to hang in the air, perpetually unresolved.  It’s telling that the lists have titles like “Hillary’s 22 Biggest Scandals” rather than simply “Hillary’s 22 Scandals.”  Enjoy:

“Here They Are: Hillary’s 22 Biggest Scandals Ever”

“From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton Scandal Primer”

“21 Most Consequential Clinton Scandals, Ranked From Most Important”

“A Breakdown of Every Scandal Swirling Around Hillary Clinton”

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