Evidence Mounts In The Case Against Ben Carson’s Sanity

Ben Carson is nutty.  Maybe not much nuttier than a lot of Americans, but too nutty to be President.  When are we all just going to agree on that?

From The Washington Post’s “Does Ben Carson Believe God Wants Him to be President?”:

It’s a key moment in the Ben Carson origin story: When the candidate was enrolled at Yale, he was woefully unprepared for a chemistry exam that he needed to do well on as a premed student. He hadn’t studied enough and was terribly worried. That night, he wrote in his book “Gifted Hands,” he prayed to God — and someone came to him in his dreams and gave him the answers to the questions. The next day, Carson said, the questions he dreamed about were all on the exam, and he got a 97.

“For whatever reason, the God of the Universe, the God who holds galaxies in his hands, had seen a reason to reach down to a campus room on planet earth and send a dream to a discouraged ghetto kid who wanted to become a doctor,” he wrote.

If Carson believes God was that invested in the outcome of an undergraduate chemistry exam, does he believe He would intervene to affect the results of a presidential election?

So Ben Carson apparently believes (or just wants us to think he believes, which is even weirder) that if he’s in a bind due to his own inexperience or lack of preparation God will intervene to make sure everything works out the way it’s supposed to.  There are probably a lot of Americans who think this way — if God wants it to happen it will happen regardless of what I do, and if He doesn’t want it to happen it won’t happen no matter what I do; so I might as well just chill out and quit worrying about it.  It’s a little arrogant but generally harmless.  Unless, of course, you’re the President.

I don’t want a President who thinks God exerts this kind of real world control.  It’s scary to think that Ben Carson would spend his time in office praying in lieu of actually working (because, based on his espoused understanding, prayer is one way of getting the job done).  If God wants America to prosper it will happen no matter what the President does; if you disagree with that you’re saying the President can overrule God’s will, and I’m sure Dr. Carson would not take that position.  So if the Country simply collapses on itself, well, that’s what God wanted so there was no way to avoid it.  By that logic, why elect anyone at all?

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