It’s Official: The Trump White House’s Relationship With the Media Is Going to be as Petty as Feared

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer kicked things off today with this angry lecture to the media that confirms what many feared.

First, the Trump White House will maintain its own version of events to enlighten the public.  By Spicer’s own admission, there were no official numbers on inauguration attendance, yet he informs us that this was the most-attended inauguration in history, contrary to numerous reports and clear photo evidence.  He also falsely states that the white lawn coverings seen in photos of yesterday’s inauguration were not used in previous inaugurations.

Second, the Press Secretary’s role will not to be speak to the press, but to lecture them on proper reporting tactics.  And by “proper reporting tactics,” I mean “how to make Trump look good.”  Let it be known: any story that has potential to make Trump look bad is to be covered, if at all, only by reference to the facts provided by the Trump White House.

Third, am I the only one who’s annoyed that the new Press Secretary uses the word “secondly”?  It’s just superfluous.

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