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The Students of Berkeley vs. Free Speech

The UC Berkeley College Republicans were forced to cancel a speaking engagement featuring Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos after protests turned violent. From The SF Gate: The Berkeley Police Department said people threw bricks, smoking objects, and fireworks at police officers. University police locked down all buildings and ordered a shelter in place, and later […]

O’s Broken Promises

It’s easy to get caught up in discussions about whether Trump will [even pretend to try to] keep his campaign promises.  Let’s not forget that we have a newly-former President to beat up on by pointing out all of his shortcomings! Now that the Obama Era has come to an end, those filthy libs over […]

Another Trump Lie Exposed

Trump supporters, prepare your groveling excuses. For those of us who acknowledge that he lies a lot, here’s a new [and predictable] example.  Via those darn mainstream, liberal, whatever-the-name-is-now’s at NBC News: Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump, said Sunday that the president would not be releasing his tax returns, reversing months of repeated […]

It’s Official: The Trump White House’s Relationship With the Media Is Going to be as Petty as Feared

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer kicked things off today with this angry lecture to the media that confirms what many feared. First, the Trump White House will maintain its own version of events to enlighten the public.  By Spicer’s own admission, there were no official numbers on inauguration attendance, yet he informs us that […]

Presidential Powers, and The Smart Kind of Partisanship

So even after looking at that title, you’re still reading this?  Alright… The way we usually talk about partisanship makes it sound like it’s all bad news — like partisanship is a disease that must be cured before we have a healthy democracy.  That’s only a little bit wrong.  Blind partisanship — the kind that […]

Fox News Ends 2016 on a Predictably Lazy Note

Let me begin by saying this: I am not writing about Obama.  I am writing about Fox News and it’s lazy, lazy editorializing.  Got that?  Ok then… This Fox News editorial piece is just pretty weird.  It tells us a story about exactly what the President is thinking and feeling, something Fox News always seems […]

San Diego Football Fans Are the Worst. Really.

San Diego Chargers fans have a reputation for apathy towards their team, which most openly lament or shrug off.  That makes this all the more surprising: Since 2011, about 24 fans have been arrested at each Chargers home game, most in the NFL. That not only outpaces stadiums with more famously rambunctious crowds – Philadelphia […]

Finally, a Death We Can Be Happy About

2016 has been a year of significant deaths: Prince, David Bowie, Janet Reno, Dignified Political Discourse.  But now, finally, there is a death worth celebrating.  Fidel Castro — an iconic beard attached to the deteriorating head of a true son of a bitch, who until today had been stubbornly unwilling to relieve us of his […]

Pubs are Where Revolutions Begin

Why can’t I find a watering hole with this kind of crowd?  All the bars I go to are full of people looking at their iPhones.

Facebook Follies

Scandal!  Outrage!  Algorithm!  The plot thickens for Facebook, which has recently been accused of having a deliberate liberal bias in determining what stories show up in its news feed.  Today, leaked documents show that news items are actually prioritized by editors and not by an algorithm as Facebook had previously claimed, lending credence to the allegations of […]