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Nervous Abraham Lincoln

An unpublished letter sent by Abraham Lincoln has recently surfaced in which he wrote that he was “nervous” about doing too many speaking engagements and seemed concerned about his newfound fame. As one Fox News writer put it, “Lincoln was not always a stoic icon and had periods of doubt [and] anxiety just like anyone […]

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Someone Good at Math!

Comic-Con came and went this past week. While the convention has strayed from it’s origins to include anything pop culture, it still does generate a good amount of comic discussion. One CNN author used the convention as an opportunity to make his case that there needs to be more diversity among superheroes. He specially, being […]

Six Californias

A bill proposing that California be split into six states will be on the 2016 ballot. Though the idea to split up California has been floating out there for years, a Silicon Valley businessman recently submitted the current proposal. The logic behind the idea is that if the state were chopped up, the constituents in […]

He’s Coming Home

LeBron James announced his decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers this morning. The story is big news, because, well, it’s really weird. Analysts agree that he’d have a far better chance of winning by remaining with the Heat. He said in the Sports Illustrated article where he announced his decision that he really wanted […]

Our Frankensteinian World

I was reading a CNN article this morning on what life is like today for Casey Anthony. It’s not a surprise that she’s such a social pariah that she’s afraid to leave the house. When I hear that, all I’m thinking is “good”. If she isn’t in prison I’m glad that her life is miserable. […]

How Much of Our News Is Contrived?

I was cruising this morning and read a story about a kid in South Carolina taking his driver’s license photo. The boy was dressed as a girl and wearing makeup and a DMV employee asked him to take the makeup off before taking his license photo. Since the boy normally dresses as a girl […]

The Washington Professional Football Team

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has canceled the Washington Redskins trademark registration in an effort to notch up public pressure and force a name change. I don’t understand how people don’t view this as an inevitability. I would think that Dan Snyder, who is a very successful businessman, would have gotten out in […]

The Best Hitter Since Ted Williams

This title was actually the title of a Sports Illustrated article on Tony Gwynn from 1997. I still have the issue. It’s a sad day for San Diegans with the news of Gwynn’s death at 54. He was one of, if not the biggest, San Diego sports icon and you know he was a great […]

The Bergdahl Dilemma

It seems like there are two narratives in the Bowe Berghahl story, he’s either a hero or a deserter. But why does he have to be either? I don’t know what went on in Afghanistan, but what seems most likely to me is that we are missing some facts that will clarify the story. For […]

Economic Existentialism

Browsing the economy sections of news websites for the past five or six years has been really depressing. They are full of headlines that would lead you to believe we are in bad situation that is only going to get worse. However, if you look at the situation historically, the economy has always had highs […]