So says The Nation: Until recently, the phrase “deep state” had been mostly consigned to the bowels of the conspiratorial deep web, but over the past few weeks, since Donald Trump decided to take his fight with the intelligence community public, it has witnessed a remarkable florescence. The “deep state” apparently has Trump in its […]

He’s only been a nationally-known figure for a few months, but it appears Milo Yiannopoulos has already done himself in with his own remarks.  A video of the alt-right provocateur making statements that appear to condone pedophilia has caught a lot of buzz over the past 24 hours, resulting first in a rescission of Yiannopoulos’ […]

The Trump presidency is off to a rocky start.  The 45th President of the United States has been in office for less than a month, and has fostered a contentious relationship with the media, ordered a controversial travel ban that may be declared unconstitutional, and criticized the judiciary for exercising its authority to stay executive […]

From Politio: Licking their wounds after a stinging appeals court defeat, President Donald Trump’s aides went into triage mode Friday as they considered options for salvaging his contested travel ban for citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries. In two different venues Friday afternoon, Trump suggested that the White House is trying to redraft the order to […]

From The AP: Republican lawmakers in Idaho again are pushing legislation designed to prevent state courts or government agencies from making decisions based on Islamic religious law… Isn’t it called the First Amendment?

The UC Berkeley College Republicans were forced to cancel a speaking engagement featuring Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos after protests turned violent. From The SF Gate: The Berkeley Police Department said people threw bricks, smoking objects, and fireworks at police officers. University police locked down all buildings and ordered a shelter in place, and later […]

It’s easy to get caught up in discussions about whether Trump will [even pretend to try to] keep his campaign promises.  Let’s not forget that we have a newly-former President to beat up on by pointing out all of his shortcomings! Now that the Obama Era has come to an end, those filthy libs over […]