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Donald Sterling 2

Another NBA owner is in hot water for being a tad bit racist. This time it’s Bruce Levenson of the Atlanta Hawks. In a business email sent to other executives two years ago he made some racially incentive remarks when discussing ways to attract more white fans. In an earlier post, I made light of […]

Our Frankensteinian World

I was reading a CNN article this morning on what life is like today for Casey Anthony. It’s not a surprise that she’s such a social pariah that she’s afraid to leave the house. When I hear that, all I’m thinking is “good”. If she isn’t in prison I’m glad that her life is miserable. […]

The Race Wars Continue

It’s Day 3 in the “What Sterling Said” saga. And I hate to defend a racist but. These comments were made in a private conversation. Isn’t Sterling allowed to be a bigot behind closed doors? He didn’t know and had no reason to presume his comments were being recorded and his conversation on the record. […]

Donald Sterling May Be a Racist, But Is He A Phony?

I am just so sick of fake apologies. Daniel Tosh apologized for making some rape jokes during his stand up act a few years ago. But they were funny and the crowd laughed. Most importantly, he wasn’t sorry. So why should anyone want that? We all know why he apologized. He’s on Comedy Central and […]