If W. Doesn’t Like Him, Does That Count as an Endorsement?


W. doesn’t like Ted Cruz.  And that’s not an inference.  The quote that’s been circulating is “I don’t like the guy.”  Yup, that’s W. alright — simple, to the point, the kind of guy you could have a beer with only to later hear that he told a room full of campaign donors he doesn’t like you.

I have to assume the Bush Bros thought this quote would never become public.  I can’t recall ever hearing an ex-Prez make a personal attack on any candidate, let alone one in his own party.  In the unlikely event that Cruz wins the election it’s going to make the next Gathering of the Living POTUS (POTUS’s?  POTI?) a bit awkward.

At first I thought this was an ad for Men's Warehouse.

At first I thought this was an ad for Men’s Warehouse.

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