Clinton Distances Herself from Obama, Sanity

Hillary Clinton came out recently and criticized Obama’s foreign policy. I’m paraphrasing, but the essence of her criticisms were that he’s been too passive and hesitant to get involved in conflicts, and she’s probably right. Obama is overcompensating for Bush’s ambition to get involved in conflicts. It’s easy to say now that Obama has probably gone too soft, but in 2008 this was the type of foreign policy we were clamoring for.

Knowing that Clinton’s comments came now because she’s positioning herself for a 2016 presidential run, got me thinking how crazy anyone who wants that job really is. Every move she’s made since 2008 has been to position herself for this campaign, from accepting the position as Secretary of State, to the strategic timing of her resignation, and now these comments. She’s even willing to stay in a loveless marriage with a man who consistently embarrasses her nationally through his actions. She’s doing all this just to get the worst job in America. Is all this effort really worth 4-8 years of constant hell?

While everyone loves to criticize Palin for resigning as governor in 2009 for TV shows, speaking engagements, and book deals, I would like to think that’s the exact same decision I would have made. She’s certainly having more fun. She certainly has an easier life. And she’s probably making more money to boot. I’m sure she also thought we should be more involved in the Middle East before Hillary Clinton too.

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