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Roger Goodell the Moral Arbiter

Roger Goodell held a press conference last Friday, which was his first public appearance in over a week. If you haven’t seen the video, I’m sure it won’t surprise you to learn that it went very poorly. He was getting grilled by everyone. One reporter, and I’m paraphrasing, even asked him if he understood why […]

Sexist Storms

As a society we always try to be progressive and not offend anybody. But in doing so, lives have been lost. In a study done by the PNAS, they determined that more lives are lost to female hurricanes rather than male ones, because people are more likely to prepare and evacuate when a storm has […]

Donald Sterling 2

Another NBA owner is in hot water for being a tad bit racist. This time it’s Bruce Levenson of the Atlanta Hawks. In a business email sent to other executives two years ago he made some racially incentive remarks when discussing ways to attract more white fans. In an earlier post, I made light of […]

When Uzis Attack

Yesterday near Lake Havasu, a firearms instructor was shot to death by a 9 year old girl he was training. As she was shooting an uzi, the force from the blowback was so strong the girl lost control and the gun recoiled backwards with aim at the instructor. To the credit of the American media, […]

Gay Marriage – A Historical Inevitability

On the front page of every major news website today is an article discussing the Supreme Court’s “not yet” ruling on gay marriage in Virgina. Supporters and dissenters both have very strong opinions on the issue. As the debate rages on and politicians largely take their predictable stances on the issue, I can just sit […]

The Little Big Time

The Little League World Series is in full swing, and in my opinion, ruining programming on ESPN for the next few weeks. But while I don’t watch it, enough people must, because I heard that the tournament makes in between $20-30 million. However, these kids are in a situation similar to that of our nation’s […]

Cops Who Kill

There’s been a lot of outrage surrounding the death of 18-year-old Ferguson, Missouri resident Michael Brown. And if the two most circulated witness’ stories are even half-true, people have a right to be outraged. However, I think all the accusations of racism on the part of the shooter are probably overblown (Though I don’t know […]

Clinton Distances Herself from Obama, Sanity

Hillary Clinton came out recently and criticized Obama’s foreign policy. I’m paraphrasing, but the essence of her criticisms were that he’s been too passive and hesitant to get involved in conflicts, and she’s probably right. Obama is overcompensating for Bush’s ambition to get involved in conflicts. It’s easy to say now that Obama has probably […]

Studies Show that Women Sometimes Provoke Men Into Violence

Are you comfortable yet? There is no such study that I know of. But unless you’ve lived in a cave your whole life, you’ve undoubtedly seen someone provoke another person to violence. It does happen. Recently ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith suggested that it was possible that this could have been a factor in Ray Rice’s […]

The Politics of Ebola

While I remain confident that I won’t die from Ebola, there is no shortage of scared Americans. I guess this story reminds them of so many outbreak movies that don’t go so well. But, in the real world, there are reasons for optimism. The two Americans who contracted the virus are improving rapidly, thanks to […]