Donald Sterling 2

Another NBA owner is in hot water for being a tad bit racist. This time it’s Bruce Levenson of the Atlanta Hawks. In a business email sent to other executives two years ago he made some racially incentive remarks when discussing ways to attract more white fans.

In an earlier post, I made light of the fact that the Donald Sterling story raises privacy issues in our society going forward. After all, he was having a cell phone to cell phone conversation with his girlfriend with no reasonable presumption that he was being recorded. The Leveson situation is similar in many ways. He made a private email that was presumably never going to be made public, yet it was. There is a major difference in Levenson’s case in that it was a work email. However, the one thing I just can’t ignore is that it was two years old. So now in this new society of ours we can not only not make insensitive remarks in private, but we will be held accountable for ones in our past.

No one should cry for Sterling and Levenson because they’ll still be billionaires and sound like they’re bad guys. However, at the rate were going there’s going to be an owner who made a fried chicken and malt liquor joke to his son’s friends in 1978 that’s going to lose a team.

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